How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Fleas can quickly become one of the more annoying pests for people to deal with. They’re small, jumpy, and multiply quickly. Pets can pick up fleas from being outside in nature, around other animals, or when humans track in the insects on our shoes or clothes. Excessive itching and scratching is a telltale sign your pet may have fleas. You may even spot the little acrobats.

On average, fleas are 2-4 millimeters long, making them visible to the naked eye. If your family pet has fleas, it’s likely that your yard and house will become a breeding ground. Acting quickly is key to preventing spread. Our flea treatment is pet safe and can rid your home of flea activity quickly and efficiently! Call Pest Arrest today to schedule your free estimate!

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Reliable Answers to Common Questions.

  1. A flea infestation can be extremely intrusive and annoying for people to deal with. Fleas can also be very difficult for the average homeowner to get rid of due to their flattened bodies, strong exoskeletons and their ability to move and jump around quickly. Fleas also have a long lifecycle which makes them difficult to kill with generic store-bought products that the average homeowner may purchase.
  1. Our Flea Treatment utilizes high-quality, EPA low-risk products that provide both quick kill and residual control of flea activity. We utilize an aerosol that is applied to affected areas such as carpeting, upholstery and furniture. Additionally, we also will perform an interior baseboard application with a residual product that will provide long-term control and elimination of flea activity.