Arrest System Rodent Service

Pest Arrest’s exclusive ARREST System Rodent Service is designed to prevent your home from infestations involving mice, rats and voles. Our Service Technician’s will evaluate and inspect your property for evidence and causes of these rodents and identify other areas where they see potential for these issues. This allows our technicians to develop a rodent prevention plan customized to fit the needs of you and your home!

Rodent laying down on a faucet in a home
A mice looking at the camera

Our ARREST System Rodent Service is designed to fit two main categories of situations:

Customers who don’t have any current rodent infestations inside their home but want to mitigate and prevent issues in the future.

Customers who have used our one-time Rodent Treatment and want to continue with an on-going maintenance program that will keep their home protected from future rodent activity.

The ARREST System Rodent Service is designed to be done every 3, 4 or 6 months depending on multiple factors such as the location and age of the structure, rodent activity levels and more. This service is THE most cost effective way to keep rodents at bay! Included with the ARREST System Rodent Service:

  • Inspection of existing bait stations for damages.
  • Moving bait stations as needed for maximum effectiveness.
  • Refill of all exterior bait stations as needed.
  • No charge for additional visits between regularly scheduled service (per warranty policy)
Mouse caught in live trap

New customers that do not have any existing bait stations on their property will have a One-Time Bait Station Setup Fee that will include bait and the first 3, 4 or 6 months of service.