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Be Proactive: Protect Your Home With A General Pest Inspection!

Give Your Home A Protection With Pest Inspection

A pest control inspection will be challenging to do it alone. There might be warning signs of pest infestation in your home that you do not notice. This is why a proactive approach to pest control is important. Pest Arrest is the company you can trust for pest control. You might be thinking that hiring a professional is a more expensive option. But think about how this will benefit you in the long run. It is a smarter and more economical way to control pests in your home. Get a free estimate on our services. Call us at (303) 325-7334 or visit our FAQs page if you have any concerns or queries. A professional pest control service can take care of the pests inside your home safely. Give your home a general pest inspection before the pests take over your home. Let Pest Arrest do that work for you.

The Two Types Of Termites To Watch Out For

Pests are difficult to manage once they spread out in your home’s different areas. Protecting your home includes checking every corner of it. We don’t want pests gathering up in one place.   Termites are the most invasive pests your house can encounter. Controlling them would be difficult to do by ourselves. No matter what the structure of your house is, it can never be immune from termites. At the same time, termite treatment is never too early if you start now. Getting a termite home inspection will do you better. 

Before you begin, there are two main types of termites that you should watch out for. These termites can eat away the wood in your home’s structure. The downside of this is that the damage looks different.

1. Subterranean Termites

This type of termite can build colonies underground. Soil is a necessity for them to survive. The damage they cause to your house can look like typical water damage. It comes with drooping ceilings and buckling wood.

2. Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are little critters that do not need soil to survive. They live in wood and above the ground. The damage they create is more difficult to detect. You might see cracks in wood or small holes from to time.

Both of them can damage our home’s structure. Once they spread throughout our homes, controlling them will be more challenging. Aside from the concern of removing them, we need to pay for repairs. Fixing their damage can be costly without you noticing it. This is why a general pest inspection should always be on our list. Consider these damages from drywood termites.

A Proactive Pest Inspection Approach To Pest Control

Paying Attention

The areas of your home with wood and soil in contact are prone to pest attacks. Pay attention to this area. It would be best to remove everything that can attract termites. Remove the lumber, firewood, plants, mulch, and paper. Make sure they are not scattered around your home’s foundation. Let us avoid being careless and start being more conscious. Make sure our place is clean from anything that can attract pests. Pests can come in different types and sizes. Most of the time, there are pests that are difficult to handle on our own. Before they spread out, take all the preventive measures you can.

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Pest Inspection

Fix The Leaky Faucets

Water and moisture that builds up can attract termites too. Look at the different areas in your home where water comes out. Check for any leaks. Do this inside and outside of your home. If there are any, make sure to fix them right away. Once they build up, termites will start gathering too. Fixing the leaks will ease the ability of pests to find a place where they are comfortable living.

Sealing The Cracks

Cracks can serve as an entryway for pests to go inside your home. If there are any cracks around your home’s foundation, seal them. Other than cracks, look for other holes that can be an entryway for pests. Sealing them would reduce the chance of pest attacks inside our homes. Check your windows, doors, and electrical openings. Dryer vents can also be prone to rodent activity. If you see any cracks, seal them using caulk or steel wool.

A Regular Pest Inspection

Many people do not understand the importance of regular home pest inspection. It would be best to do it for your home every year. If there are any current infestations, the professionals can identify them early. You don’t have to wait before the situation gets worse. A regular pest inspection can ensure your family’s safety from unwanted pests in our homes. A regular pest inspection will prevent your home from any further damage. It can also keep you and your family away from any harm. Keep an eye out for the warning signs. If you see any webs or nests, be alert. 

Consider getting a general pest inspection for your home right away. If it seems suspicious, call the professional. Contact Pest Arrest so we can take care of the issue right away.

Let The Professionals Handle It

Professionals can detect all types of pests within your home. There are pests that would be difficult to see unless you let an expert inspect them. If you are moving into a new place and worrying if the home has pests, a general pest inspection is a solution. Pest Arrest offers a general pest inspection service. 

Our technicians will do a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your home. Our team will look at every possible area where pests can gather. We can handle different types of pests. Whether they are ants, spiders, wasps, rats, etc., free yourself from worries. Whether buying or selling a home, doing a general pest inspection will give you the peace of mind you need. Managing pests alone can be dangerous to one’s health. 

Let a professional take over. Pest Arrest knows the job well. Expect that our team will handle the situation in a careful manner. Freeing you and your family from any dangers that pests can bring.

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The Importance Of Being Proactive With Pest Control

1. Catching The Pests You Might Have Missed

Doing a pest inspection on your home can be risky. You might miss some pests that only professionals can detect in an instant. Professionals can detect what you’ve missed right away. They have specialized training and use the best equipment. This helps them recognize the signs of an infestation right away. If there’s an infestation in your home, professionals can eliminate them as soon as possible. By letting Pest Arrest handle it, you can also prevent reinfestation inside your home.

2. Avoid The Potential Risks It Can Bring To Your Health

Rodents, mosquitoes, and flies can expose our health to different illnesses. We don’t want this to happen to ourselves or to our families. Some birds will carry diseases that are transferrable to humans. Pests like cockroaches, mice, and rats can go into your food and contaminate it. You see pests enter our homes and attack us in different ways. They can bring illnesses that we could have prevented if we were cautious enough. Some can bring allergens that can trigger people with asthma at home. 

Why take the risk of letting pests infest our homes? If we could do something about it today, let us do it. A proactive approach to pest control will save us from all the trouble pests could bring.

3. Prevent Any Damages From Your Property

Pests can damage the structure of our home. Worse, it could damage our home’s foundation too. They are destructive in nature. Mice and chews can chew through the wiring in your walls. This can cause fire hazards. Pests can cause significant damage to our homes. We don’t want that to happen, right? Act on it as early as possible. Hire Pest Arrest to give your home a general pest inspection. By preventing infestations of pests, we could avoid spending on repairs for our homes. 

Pest infestation will not be an easy task as we think. The dangers that pests could bring to our health and homes are far more dangerous than we imagine. Protecting your home does not only involve regular cleaning. It involves caring for your home’s structure and what might be causing the damage. 

Give yourself the peace of mind that you need. Worry less if your house has pest infestation by getting a general pest inspection for your home. This inspection will not only protect your home. It can also protect you and your family from any harm that pests could bring. Call our team at (303) 325-7334 or visit our FAQs page to learn more about Pest Arrest. Call us, and our friendly team will be there immediately. If you witness any suspicious pest activity, let Pest Arrest handle it. We offer a free estimate on our services. Be smart and choose a team who knows its job well. Our service is available from Mondays to Sundays.  Find the pest inspection near me that gets the job right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Control procedures after each meal and clean up. Put everything in the garbage can. Before putting food scraps in the bin, wrap them in paper tightly. Maintain clean benches, cupboards, and floors free of food scraps. Clean behind stoves, refrigerators, and other household appliances on a regular basis.

  • Prevention – Before pest problems arise, cultural and physical control practices are implemented. 
  • Precise identification – To effectively treat a pest, you must first understand the organism. 
  • Monitoring the situation.

Seal cracks and holes outside the house, including utility and pipe entry points. Keep tree and shrubbery branches trimmed and away from the house. Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces dry and well-ventilated. Garbage should be kept in sealed containers and disposed of on a regular basis.

While bees, wasps, and scorpions can deliver painful stings that cause swelling and inflammation, insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and ticks can transmit serious diseases to humans and pets. In addition, the common cockroach can cause allergies and asthma attacks in adults and children.

Pesticides, which either kill or inhibit pest growth, are the most commonly used pest control method. Pesticides are frequently classified based on the pest they are intended to control.

Natural pest management prevents pest and plant disease problems while keeping harmful chemicals out of our bodies and the environment. It also eliminates the issues of chemical dependence and pesticide resistance.

Pest control is critical to protecting our country’s public health and food supply. Diseases such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and encephalitis can be spread by pests.

Professional pest control can help you protect your health by eradicating your pest problem completely. For example, ticks, spiders, and cockroaches can carry dangerous and harmful bacteria and diseases. Lyme disease, E-coli, and Salmonella poisoning are examples of these diseases.