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Top 10 Tips For Eradicating Voles From Your Yard

Reclaim Your Yard By Eradicating Voles With The Help Of Experts

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What Are Voles, And How Do They Behave?

Voles are small rodents that like to dig tunnels in the ground. They make their homes near rocks, logs, and tree stumps. During the day and night, they eat plants like grasses, sedges, and bulbs.

They love to eat a lot of food so they can cause problems in farms and gardens. They dig tunnels, which makes it easy for them to travel around the yard. Adult rats are only 1 or 2 ounces, so it’s hard to know when their population is getting too big.

Voles live worldwide and come in diverse sizes, shapes, and colors. They can have different fur colors, like brown, black, red, or grey. Also, they live in other places depending on their type. Some live in wet areas with lots of plants or on the ground in grassy fields.

Why Do You Need To Control Voles?

Doing voles removal services is vital for keeping your yard healthy and growing. Voles can be a problem, but there are ways to eliminate them. The best way is to change their habitat using special chemicals that voles don’t like, setting traps, and using herbicides.

If you act fast, you can stop voles from damaging plants. This will make your home and garden look better. Do not wait to take action against this pest! Start right away.

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Vole Removal Services

10 Tips For Eradicating Voles From Your Yard

If you have small animals eating your plants in your backyard, don’t worry. You can get rid of them by taking the right tips, which are as follows:

1. Remove Vegetation Cover

Cut down any tall grass or mulch close to the foundation of your house. This helps them stay safe from animals that might want to hurt them. Taking off this cover will make it harder for intruders to come. That way, you can keep your property safe.

2. Install Physical Barriers

If you want to eliminate voles in your yard, experts recommend installing physical barriers. This might take some time and money, but it is one of the best ways to remove them. You can use simple things like mesh wire or burlap sheets. Put a fence around the plants you don’t want rats to eat. This will help keep them away.

3. Plant Repellent Plants

You can eliminate voles by planting certain types of plants in your yard. These plants give off a foul smell or chemicals that make rats go away. They will look for somewhere else to go. Garlic, onions, daffodil bulbs, iris bulbs, and marigolds can help to keep away rats. They are all vegetables, fruits, or herbs. 

Put these plants in your garden or make a line around them. This will keep out any intruders. Getting rid of them in your yard takes time and patience, but it is a simple and cheap way. Plant some special plants that will help keep them away.

4. Use Traps

Experts suggest putting traps near where the pests walk or do things. That way, you can catch them. Be careful when setting traps. Make sure that pets and children cannot get hurt by them. Check your traps to ensure any animals you catch don’t suffer too long. Traps you can buy at the store are easy to use and can help get rid of rats if you use them right.

5. Use Ultrasonic Devices

Experts suggest ultrasonic devices get rid of mice and rats. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to keep mice and voles away. They are loud but don’t hurt humans or bigger animals like cats and dogs. The sound waves make pests uncomfortable. They will move out to find a place with less noise.

Make sure you buy a good device. Ultrasonic devices are a great way to eliminate voles in your yard. They work fast and don’t need any extra chemicals or traps.

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Hire A Vole Exterminator

6. Flood Their Tunnels With Water

If animals live in tunnels on your property, you can use water to ensure they no longer live there. Attach a hose to the water and turn it on to eliminate vole tunnels. Watering your lawn can help get rid of these. It will also fill in the holes they have made so that your property looks beautiful and lush again. Water is the best way to get rid of voles!

7. Set Apple Cider Vinegar Baits

Apple cider vinegar smells and tastes bad. The smell makes them want to leave, but it also provides food for them. Mix apple cider vinegar and water to get rid of animals. Put the mixture into shallow containers or pans. Bury these containers near where the animals have seen.

Bury them several inches into the ground. Check the baits often and put more solution in when it gets low. Do these things to make sure your yard is clean and neat. This will help keep pests away from your home.

8. Use Castor Oil Spray

Experts say castor oil spray is a great and safe way to keep this pest away from your yard. Also, this spray is good for the environment. The spray smells and tastes bad to voles. It will make them not want to come near it.

Using castor oil can help your plants stay healthy and free from pests. To keep them away, spray this on the leaves of your plants or in places where you think rats may be living. It will help get rid of the rats and keep your plants healthy.

9. Keep The Lawn Mowed Short

It is best to keep your lawn short to get rid of rats. Cut the grass often. Get rid of places where pests can hide. This will make it harder for them to find food. Mowing your lawn can help get rid of voles. Mow your grass regularly!

10. Use Natural Predators

A good way to stop pests from coming around is to have animals like owls, hawks, and snakes scare them away. They will help keep the number of rats in balance. This means fewer mice will come to homes looking for food, water, or a place to stay. It is also good for nature and doesn’t take too much work. If you want those pesky voles to disappear, add some animals that eat them around your area.

If you have too many voles in your yard, hiring a professional to help you get rid of them is a good idea. Specialists know the best ways to get rid of pests. They can tell you what to do that fits your situation. Experts can help you figure out what to do so that no more voles will come near your property. It’s a good idea to hire professionals to get rid of the voles. 

You can save the time and energy you would have spent trying to figure out how to eliminate them yourself. If you want help with vole problems, it is a good idea to talk to people with experience.

If you have pests in your home, Pest Arrest is the best firm that offers quality vole removal service. We will come to you wherever you are – at home or in your business. We work in many different areas. We have friendly staff who can help you with pests. Get rid of voles fast before they cause more trouble! Call us now at (303) 325-7334 and get a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice small, shallow tunnels in your lawn, damage to plants or shrubs, or small burrows around the edges of your yard, you should call a professional.

Vole traps are typically placed in areas where voles are most active, such as along the edges of your lawn or where you have noticed plant or shrub damage.

Vole traps can be baited with anything from peanut butter to apple slices to bird seed.

Check your traps at least once a day to ensure that any voles caught are not left in the trap for an extended period of time.

Using live traps, the voles can be released into a nearby field or wooded area. If you use snap traps, you must dispose of the dead voles.

The length of time required to get rid of voles depends on the severity of the infestation and the methods used. It may take several weeks or even months to completely rid your yard of voles.

If you use safe and effective methods, getting rid of voles should not harm your lawn or plants.